Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Classroom 2011-2012!!

Sorry I haven't posted a new blog in a good while, but I have been super busy! I worked in my room a few days and it is starting to look like my class again!!! YEA!! Then before I could post pictures we went on vacation for a week and just got back. We went to beautful St Maarten!! While there I got a BIG surprise!! I got ENGAGED!! I have been on cloud 9!! But school is about to start so I have to focus on that right now!

Here are a few pictures I took while at the school the other day.  There is still so much to do, but at least most things are in the right place.  I don't have a classroom theme, but I do like acquiring new pieces of furniture! The only problem with that is it can make my class a little cramped looking and is hard finding the right place for them.

Here is the welcome table set outside my classsroom door. I think it makes it feel a little welcoming before entering.

Here is a picture looking in from the front door. This area is still being worked on so it looks a little messy. I bought some cute baskets from Michael's the other day that will go on the bookshelf, but I haven't added them yet.

Another view from the door. You can see my library a little in the back. Yes the tables are on the floor. There is research done behind this that shows this is developmentally appropriate for 5 year olds. The kids love this and it helps those that wiggle a lot in chairs. Think about it... When you were 5 did you really want to sit in chairs all day?? It also helps them devlop some gross motor. We do have chairs at my back teaching table where if they need a chair they could sit. They usually perfer the tables on the floor though.

You can see my back teaching table a little bit (it's under all that mess). I am still working on clearing that table off. You can also see my word wall on my cabinets.

This is a better pic of my small group area and my mess!

This is the view standing from my back corner by my bathroom. You can see my mailboxes and cubbies.

This is the view of my whole group area from the back of my room.

Here is a little better view of my classroom library. The blue baskets are where my more "theme" related books are and the wire shelf with the yellow pocket chart is where some of my leveled readers are. The black tubs are for "really great books" (when they don't go with another tubs theme but are just really good anyways) and the other one is for when we read one we just LOVE we can put it in here.

Well thats all for now! I think I may take closer pics tomorrow of different areas and explain how some are used in my room. Still have so much work to be done though!!


  1. Congratulations!!! And, your room looks great!

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