Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shopping Continued!

Hey guys! I have 9 followers!!! I am so excited! Yesterday I talked about my target finds and ran out of time for my other shopping trips! So here are the others!

Some books I bought at Hastings. I only had to pay $2 and some change because I had a gift card a parent had given me! It was awesome walking out with all those books!


Here are some books I bought at Half Priced Books. Some were not the best but were only $.48 so how could I pass that up!!

Trip to Big Lots! I got this really cute bench/storage piece. Don't know where I'm going to put this at yet but I thought it was really cute and everyone needs more storage room right?? I also picked up this whiteboard/chalkboard piece to use with my crayola dry erase crayons. It also came with wooden letters but weren't magnetic.

I also went to Michael's and found some great buys! Everything was $1 or less except for the hangman game.  I didn't know teachers got a discount there! I was walking around the store and there was an advertisement on their radio saying teachers get a discount! Score! I had to buy those jacks because I have had kids that get that as a picture in their word study sorts and always ask what it is!! Now they will know! The rocks were just what I needed to make the Kindergarten Rocks craft I talked about yesterday. The smaller ones I am going to use to let kids sort and then maybe add letters to make a fun letter sort and maybe even words. More ideas here at Keeping Up With The Kindergartners.

Here is a closeup of the hangman game. It was too cute to pass up! Thinking maybe they can play with our word wall words or words around the room to start with.


Hobby Lobby was next. They had many of their Spring/Summer things on sale and lots of other things too! By this time I had already spent some $ so I tried to take it easy here! Not sure what I am going to do with the planter but it was cute, on sale, and surely will be able to find something to do with it. Like how the planters were attached with a cool handle. The insects were so cute and cheap. I think I saw these on someones blog but not sure who or what they did with them.


Dollar King! Everyone has gotta love the dollar stores! The microphones will be cool for encouraging reading. I am stocking up on cups for snack time because last year I could not find them anywhere and had to spend a lot more $ because I waited too long to buy them. Not this year!! :) I normally don't do name tags but these were cute and fun. I am hoping the book displays work! The bug containers will be some added fun in my science exploration station. The clear stones I am going to use as our morning commitment. I will put the kids pictures on the bottom so you can see their faces through the rock and then they will place them in a treasure chest each morning and I will tell them how they are a treasure! This idea I stole from one of my former kinder teachers (I am so going to miss you next year Jody!!!) I use to put their pictures on a Popsicle stick and as they came in they would put them in the "safe jar" (A crystal light container) and I would seal it with the lid and tell them "They are safe." "My job is to keep you safe and your job is to help..." the kids would repeat "keep it that way." (This is from conscious discipline) Sorry got a little off topic! Imagine that! Can you tell how excited I am about my buys and ideas for them!!

Last store was the Dollar Tree
More snack cups! They had some really cute glass jars (not sure what I'm going to do but couldn't pass up.) The burner covers I am going to use to put sand in and let the children write letters in. They can also use magnets on them.  Others are shown better in next pic.


They had scrap booking scissors but kid size. I want to put these in my fine motor center. Fun spin on cutting. They also had some blocks with a hole and sticks to put in them. Also adding those to my fine motor fun as well as the lacing beads.  There were also some colored wooden cubes and plain wooden cubes to add to my math manipulatives.

 These are some pointers I made. I bought the wooden shapes from the Dollar Tree and hot glued them to a Popsicle stick. I will let the kids use them in small group reading and independent reading. Thinking that I may use them for when I see great readers as an incentive and they can keep them in their book bags.

Stored in a cup I bought from Target.

My new file folder to help me organize my desk. I am one of those pile on top of pile teachers (most of us are right???). Maybe this will help me!! I got the idea for Miss Kindergarten Thanks! Got this at Target for $10. Well worth it if it helps me stay organized! I think my files might be labeled:
Things to do
Things I want to do
Book orders
Important papers (emergency cards, student info sheets...)
Things to copy(originals like writing paper, class list, behavior sheets...) I am always looking for these originals through out the year
Maybe leave one blank and see what else I tend to pile up

Sorry SOOOOO long but wanted to get this in one post. I promise they will not be this long during the school year! But since I have the time now I want to share what I can! I have been working in my classroom a few days. Pictures to come soon! Thanks for reading!


  1. You got some great books!! Those are my favorite things to buy :) I love Mem Fox...Whoever You Are is a sweet story.

  2. Books are my favorite too!! Yeah that book looked like it was really sweet! Thank you for the rock idea! I really enjoyed looking at your blog!

  3. You really went on a shopping spree! I have seen some of your finds, too! Love them all!