Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey guys! I wanted to share some of my buys from my latest shopping trips! Yes tripS!! Last week I went to set up my room and I tried to get creative with my classroom layout since I have had it almost the same for 2 years now.  Well, I couldn't figure out another way to arrange my furniture! Every time I wanted to move a piece I thought well... but I really like this being here because... and I like this being here too because... needless to say I guess it has stayed like that for 2 years because I like it and it works so why change it! Instead I thought I would buy some new things to spruce it up a little and change it that way. I know whatever I do it will be new to the kids, but I needed a little change!

Here are my buys from Target

Yeah so I realized halfway through taking the pictures that the date had been set for January 2008! I took it off halfway through the pics. Gotta love technolgy! Back to ShOpPiNg!! Everything I bought was in the $1/$2.50 bins. They were having 50% off some things! Can you believe 50% off things that are already $1!!! I love shopping but bargain shopping is my absolute favorite! So imagine how amazing I felt getting this good of a deal! The tin cans and books were only $.50!! I plan on using the tin cans for the Have You Filled A Bucket Today? click here for the link for this idea. The books will help add to my nonfiction collection.  The "B" is made of fabric. It is super cute! I will hang this outside my room for my last name initial. The stickers I already used to make my first craft I found on a blog. I found this super cute idea on Keeping Up with the Kindergartners. Here is my attempt at it. I want to mount this some way but I am not sure how yet. Any ideas? I need some followers first! :)

I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do with the other containers I got I just thought they were cute. The army men are for my math. I will use these as fun counters.  I also like the number stamps. The kids can stamp with them and they are dotted I guess so the kids could practice writing on them to help learn to write their numbers.  The Dry Erase Crayons are great! A teacher on my team shared these with us last year and I knew I needed some. If you haven't seen them yet they are great. Instead of the smell of markers, lids lost, marks on the rug or clothes... These can write on dry erase surfaces and then erase just like markers but without all the drawbacks. Pretty smart Crayola!!

Thanks for reading! Tomorrow I will add the other shopping trips. Thought I could add them all here but this post is getting a little long.


  1. Hi Kristin! I just found you because you're my newest follower! And I had to check you out because we have the same name and spell it the SAME WAY! :) Now I am YOUR first follower!
    I don't know if you have seen the Kindergarten Crayons blog but she just won for Best Blog and she has great activities to do with those number stamps you got. My Target didn't have them! :(
    Anyways, I am joining a linky party where we have to put a spotlight on a new blogger, and you're going to be in my spotlight! I hope you'll get some traffic!
    Happy Blogging!
    A Teeny Tiny Teacher

  2. Popping by to say Hi. You were spotlighted in my Blog Mix Linky Party.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  3. It is so true that everything you need to know can be learned in kindergarten!!
    Cute blog so far..looking forward to your next shopping posts!

  4. Hey guys thanks so much for the support! I really appreciate it! I'm new to all this. I just started blog stalking a week or two ago so I'm learning the ins and outs! I'm starting to catch on to things even the new language! I'm so happy I have the summer to catch on to things! I've been staying up late every night checking out everyone's blogs!! I'm a little overwhelmed at all the ideas!! But in a good way!

    Kristin-I'm glad to see another Kristin that spells it with an "I". That use to be a pet peeve of mine when people spell it crazy. My favorite is Christine! That doesn't even say Kristin! Sorry bottled up feelings about that and was thinking maybe you felt the same since you noticed the "in" as well! I am for sure going to check out kindergarten crayons for ideas. Our target only had a few left when I went. And thanks again for helping me out!

    Yearn to learn- Thanks so much and pop by anytime!!

    Megan- Thanks for your comments! You gotta love those Kinders! I'm not at my computer right now but as soon as I am I will share my other shopping adventures! :)